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Macro Factors

GaveKal is one of the premier providers of economic and financial market research. We interviewed Louis-Vincent Gave who discussed a range of macro factors that are impacting the Euro, China, and the global markets.

A Better IPO?

The Open IPO Model and what a better IPO can mean for companies, investment banks and markets with David Marcus and James Donohue, WR Hambrecht & Co. Published June 2010.

Think Twice

You can improve your investment decision making if you Think Twice and this interview with Michael Mauboussin covers some of the provacative material in his book by the same name. Published in November of 2009.

Growing Global Giant

China has a powerful impact on the markets and our lives whether we choose to pay attention or not. This interview Arthur Kroeber is filled with key insights from a man on the ground and focused on understanding the economic impacts emanating from this growing global giant. Published in March of 2010.


Digital Cinema

The Cinema business changing thanks to digital technologies. You've only seen the first inning. Cinedigm CEO and industry executive Chris McGurk has a vision, a network and an execution-focused team to exploit the shift. Published July 2011.

Apple & iTunes

The Beatles are exclusively on iTunes, and Apple commands 90% of the digital music market today. Other tech heavyweights and emerging companies are vying for a share of the market. Long-time music executive Jeffrey Epstein shares his thoughts about how technology is altering the music landscape and who and what to watch. Published November 2010.

The Web is not Dead!

The September 2010 Wired magazine cover story "The Web is Dead" generated a lot of buzz, but it is clear to Henrik Bennetsen, Founder & CEO of Katalabs , that the web is very much alive and evolving from a 2D, single-user to a 3D, multi-user technology. Published October 2010.

Harnessing GPU-Based Technology

An interview with Jules Urbach, founder and CEO of OTOY , illuminates the technology that will finally harness GPU-based computing technology for the cloud to deliver rich and interactive applications like never before. Published September of 2010.

GPU Champion

Nvidia has been the champion of GPU computing. This interview with Ujesh Desai, their VP of Product Marketing , outlines the expanding and deepening role of the GPU in general purpose computing. Look out Intel! Published July 2010.

More .... Less

3D Cinema

3D cinema has been a huge growth area in the last two years. While plenty of attention is focused on newly-public RealD the leader outside the US is XpanD. This interview Ami Dror , Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of XpanD, adds another dimension to our perspective on the market. Published May of 2010.

3D Web

The 3D web is one area where standards organizations have actually be leading the market instead of the other way around. In this interview with Anita Havele, executive director of the Web 3D Consortium , the foundations around content storage, manipulation and display are described and set the stage for vendor and market adoption. Published April 2010.


Solar is one major application in the world of advanced materials. Alan Rae, Technical Director of Global Solar Technology, delves into not just solar but new sources of energy in general, the role of nanotechnology and the evolution of the smart grid. Published February 2010.

3D Content Transformation

The 3D content transformation is upon us and this interview with Craig Summers, Founder and CEO of 2D-3D Video, provides an inside look at the technology and market elements at the heart of this major shift. Published January 2010.

Virtual Worlds

Someday soon (possibly much sooner than you think) online virtual worlds will be as common as "real worlds" for many interactions. Corey Bridges, Co-founder of The Multiverse Network, is positioned at the nexus of the tecnologies, content and applications being built to enable this to become part of the mainstream.

Thought Leader Interviews

We come across a broad range of well-placed and insightful experts in the industries and technologies we operate in. Some are invited to share their knowledge and insights with our readers via this series. If you would like to be considered for this or nominate someone please contact us.

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